Customised Packages

Patient Influence is available in five different packages.

1. Basic

  • Basic: This is the entry level package which includes ‘Your Dental Update’ and the following:
  • One A4 advert (provided by you)
  • Front cover branded with your company logo

2. Standard

  • Standard: This is the basic  package with the choice of any of these 3 customisation options:
  • Additional A4 advert into template (this is in addition to the A4 advert in the basic package)
  • Convert your pdf into a digital  turning page edition
  • Bespoke branded digital referral card inserted into template

3. Plus

  • Plus: The Plus package includes everything at the basic level with the following customisation extras:
  • Additional adverts
  • A4 pre-designed referral cards
  • Turning page functionality

4. Premier

  • Premier: The premier package includes everything at the Plus level with the additional customisation option of  the DIY “Practice News” section added to ‘Your Dental Update’ template. This section allows you to provide practice specific news, images and content.

5. Elite

  • Elite: The elite package includes everything at Plus level with the added customisation extra of ‘Practice News. This is two pages of content written to a professional standard by our team of content writers who will research, write and edit your practice news section to an excellent standard.

For more information, call the Patient Influence team on 0151 728 3125.