Your Dental Update

Your Dental Update

What is Your Dental Update?

Your Brand, Your Message

Now you can impress your patients by informing them about your practice and treatments all in an attractively designed template publication. Your Dental Update is presented in a digital ezine format, which encourages patient feedback and portrays a professional business image of your practice. All you need to do is select your preferred frequency, your preferred clinical topics, your level of customisation – and we do all the rest!

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Clinical content

The clinical articles in every issue of Your Dental Update have been carefully researched and written in patient-friendly language. We believe articles about dental treatment should be written in an informative and non-jargonised manner that provides patients with factual information and encourages them to speak with a dental professional about their own treatment options. Below is an overview of the general topics that our articles cover.

General oral health, endodontics, orthodontics, facial aesthetics, paediatric dentistry, implants, gum disease, restorative dentisry, cosmetic dentistry, sports dentistry, hygiene, dentures

Lifestyle content

Every issue of Your Dental Update includes a short article about lifestyle topics that  encourage people to make healthy choices and focus on their holistic health:

Seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Healthy eating: snacking solutions, seasonal meals, super foods, Exercise trends, tips for busy people, health benefits, Healthy minds: happiness, tips for de-stressing, being calm