#theApexShow Round 5 – Laura Horton

#theapexshow: How do patients typically respond to a TCO?

Laura Horton: A part of my training is to teach TCOs and the team about the personality groups of patients. I use the DiSc system. We all fall into one of these categories and it is important that we understand how to communicate with the patient we have in front of us. I teach the TCO how to spot this patient too.

The role of the TCO is about building relationships with the new patient. If we ask ‘D characters how something affects them, you are not going to build a relationship with this person. ‘D’ characters are factual, quick decision makers and want to be dealt with quickly. An I character is completely different. To build a relationship with a patient you need to know how they think so you can communicate effectively. Effective communication is the key.

The new patient leaves feeling like they have not only made a new friend at times but that the dentistry in the UK has changed and that your practice is at the forefront of this. The patient knows that the TCO is the person that they can come to at any point in time and they will be on their side to help them find solutions to their needs.

Watch this video of a Treatment Coordinator, being interviewed about her role as a TCO:

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