#theApexShow – BDPMA Round 6

@BDPMA What are 3 things principals can misunderstand about the PM role? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger I think some principals can find it very hard to hand over responsibility for the running of their practice to someone else, that’s probably been why so many PMs have been spouses. But dentists need to remember that when it comes down to it, it will always be the actual wet-fingered dentistry that brings in the money, and if they’re not practising then they’re not generating income. The role of the Practice Manager is to enable the dentist, not emasculate them. It’s certainly been the case in the past that a lot of the responsibilities of management have been thrust upon whoever was available, without proper recognition of what they were expected to do and certainly without that person being adequately remunerated. As the role of the Practice Manager is more widely recognised within the team I think that those who are “promoted” are being much firmer about training, pay, etc. I think that principals are becoming more aware that in employing a professional practice manager they aren’t handing over total control of their practice but that they are sharing the burden with someone who is probably more capable of management . #theapexshow

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