#theApexShow 26 August : Practice Management Wizardary

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Our guest today is @SylvieSturrock who is a prac manager AND coach with Samera

@sylviesturrock What do you do as a dental coach with Samera? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger The Samera role is for me to help clients with any aspect of help they may need with their dental practice #theapexshow

Sylvie has prepared a detailed answer about this over here: http://tiny.cc/sylvie1


@sylviesturrock Who needs a coach and why? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger I think everyone needs outside influences to help them see different perspectives of their business #theapexshow

Sylvie has written a longer answer about this over here: http://tiny.cc/sylvie2


@sylviesturrock What does the diary of a practice management wizard look like? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger full of a variety of training, coaching, writing, creating and then looking after the 3 Neem Tree dental clinics #thapexshow

Read Sylvie’s detailed answer about this over here http://tiny.cc/sylvie3


@sylviesturrock You are ALSO a practice manager at the Neem Tree – how does this help your coaching? #theapexshow

Here is a link to read Sylvie’s more detailed answer to this question http://tiny.cc/sylvie4 #theapexhow

@sylviesturrock What inspires you about working in dentistry? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger I just work hard. I’ve reaped the rewards and I’ve had such fun! #theapexshow

@sylviesturrock What do you love most about your job? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger I love being part of a great team – seeing development of my team members through my help #theapexshow

@sylviesturrock What are the 5 most important things you teach on your course? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger Need for systems, Leadership, Appt book management, Marketing and Customer service! #theapexshow

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