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#theApexShow Round 4 – Sylvie Sturrock

@sylviesturrock You are ALSO a practice manager at the Neem Tree – how does this help your coaching? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger There are numerous companies and people in the dental world that claim to be able to help with dental businesses – however they have none or very little experience of being in a practice environment – As a dental nurse, receptionist in practice I have been to most of the training providers sessions that are on the market over the last 25 years and they have great ideas, great at motivating on a day out, and then the team goes back to practice with new found enthusiasm and the nothing happens!!

They tell you what you need to do – but NOT HOW TO DO IT – theres no reason to do anything at all and time passes and people forget.

I know what its like to be a DN in a great systemised practice

I know what its like to share a passion and a need to care for patients

Ive got the clinical knowledge needed to understand all clinical points of view

I know how frustrating it is when nurses don’t show up

I know how to make patients feel special

I know how to create a fully functioning clinical environment for team and patients

I know how to build a great team and how to be part of that is the critical success of the business

With Samera clients I create a bespoke plan together with the leaders of the business whether it be GDPS, Partners, associates, clinical leads and PMs – we agree on a course of action.

We agree on the direction the practice needs to take – in an agreed timeframe and we ALL work at it together – I visit 1/12 min and keep a close eye on progress BUT also if I say you need to do a,b,c lets say then I must of tried and tested it at the neem tree so it becomes the “ideas factory”

Currently Im working with one practice that Im just doing a 1:1 session with every few months just with the Principal – Im coaching him on how to become a great leader.

I try and turn practices into real businesses and my success at the neem tree shows in the figures. A PM should bring into the business 10 x their own salary as a rule of thumb.

The other main benefit to clients or course participants is we can show them exactly what we have achieved – we can take them into the clinic and show them what it takes to build a practice.

The neem tree at Esher opened recently opened – in the last 6/52 of the build we ran a HANDS ON course – the only such course in existence – so the delegates got to see the gradual progression of the project first hand – they got to speak with the designers, project managers and ask the questions they wanted – it was a great success!!

#theApexShow Round 3 – Sylvie Sturrock

@sylviesturrock What does the diary of a practice management wizard look like? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger ALWAYS BUSY!!

I love the variety – I thrive on the busy busy! I don’t ever use the B word – Only boring people get bored!

#theApexShow Round 2 – Sylvie Sturrock

@sylviesturrock Who needs a coach and why? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger Coaching – Consultant – Guru – Business Manger Whatever label it’s given I’m just aware that all Principals are chief cook and bottle washers in dentistry – they have ALL the responsibility – building, materials, services, marketing, team, associates, patients, problems, finances, H&S, legislation, designer, motivator, ideas maker, the list endless PLUS they have to do dentistry, it’s a unique industry where the Director is also the Manager and team leader and an Operator to create the product that the business creates the actual DENTISTRY as well. – is it any wonder they need a hand.

  • there’s a lot of stigma with coaching and consultancy in dentistry – it’s almost seen as a weakness to actually ask for help in some people’s eyes!
  • I am staggered that any dental practices still don’t have a manager at least!
  • I wish more dentists would use some help before the problems get too big! I meet many clients who have problem x,y and Z and can I sort it out please – it would be so much easier to meet them just as they begin their dental business and create systems and protocols from the outset – together with visions of where they want to be rather than just opening the door and seeing what happens!

Dentists always begin their career in someone else’s business, following someone else’s rules and spend a lot of thought and time on how when they own their own practice it will all be so different.

Once they do own their own practice – it’s totally different and they do what they think is correct – mostly without any business knowledge at all

#theApexShow Round 1 – Sylvie Sturrock

@sylviesturrock What do you do as a dental coach with Samera? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger There are numerous ways that Samera can help ALL dental practices – I know I can walk into any existing business and help in some way or another – I’ve yet to find one functioning to its fullest potential – that has a 100% happy team, or is generating just the right amount of revenue.

The main areas that Samera can help with are

  • Ultimate Financial Control – a system for running the financial aspects of your practice that focuses on the critical success factors of each individual business giving full financial support from a dedicated account manager
  • Setting up in Practice – From location choices, to finding a site to raising finances, to building a brand, marketing strategies to putting together a team – we can help! We run workshops; seminars and hand hold you throughout the process.
  • The Ultimate Practice Management Course – In 12 workshops learn all the skills needed to run a successful dental business – open to anyone involved in the running of a dental practice.

#theApexShow 6th May:Mark Oborn eMarketing for a dental practice

Mark Obornmarkoborn 7pm on Twitter I answer your dental e-marketing questions or join in LIVE at http://tinyurl.com/3akjg57 #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzingerI uploaded a YouTube video — #theApexShow Guest Overview – Mark Oborn http://youtu.be/jXTR6zzNVo0?a

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger another week, another show – starting shortly with @markoborn #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger Hi everyone, we will start in 10 mins, pls join and introduce yourselves! http://tiny.cc/welcome509 #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger @Azimuthdental hi Kevin! thanks for tuning in to #theapexshow tonight

Mark Oborn markoborn hi everyone, nearly ready #theapexshow (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/aWdn) 6:58 PM May 6th via Ustream

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger Welcome to the #theapexshow http://tiny.cc/welcome509 brought to you by Interactive Dental Media http://tiny.cc/5YCoO

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger @markoborn has a great special offer tonight for the Apex REWARD. Stay tuned for the details.. #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger @markoborn is super interactive tonight so you can check him out live as he tweets! #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger Hi @markoborn thanks for your time we are thrilled to interview you on #theapexshow tonight! #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger looking forward to a great show #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger Let’s begin round one of the questions #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger @markoborn what do most dentists struggle to understand when it comes to marketing their practices? #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger typically dentists fail to segment their market, then fail to target that segment #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger Does anyone have a question for @markoborn on this topic? #theapexshow

Kevin Rose AzimuthdentalDo you think too much importance is placed on pricing? #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger @AzimuthDental you mean what it costs to implement internet marketing? @markoborn what do you think? #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn@Azimuthdental #theapexshow price is a strategy that can be chosen. Most prefer to differentiate…

Kevin Rose AzimuthdentalWhat segments could be left out by dentists focussing on the more sexy sectors? @markoborn #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @Azimuthdental #theapexshow if a practice decides NOT to compete on price, they must add EXTREME value

Sylvie Sturrock sylviesturrock #theapexshow hello everyone. Did I miss anything? Everyone ok??

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger @sylviesturrock hi Sylvie, lovely to tweet you. just asked Mark his first question #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger Ding Ding end of round ONE all unanswered questions will be answered at the end #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger Round 2 @markoborn why do you need to segment and target a market? Won’t patients just FIND you? #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @Azimuthdental #theapexshow. Great point. Segmenting DOES NOT MEAN only the ‘sexy’ sectors

Mark Oborn markoborn@Azimuthdental #theapexshow it can equally mean hygiene, preventive, children, older people!

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger patients WILL find you but targeting a segment using words and images that are relevant ensures they RELATE to you #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger Does anyone have a question for @markoborn on this topic? #theapexshow

Kevin Rose Azimuthdental I sense a trend towards prevention and hygiene – what do you think is next? @markoborn #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @Azimuthdental #theapexshow – facial aesthetics are gaining a pace…

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger ok Ding Ding end of round TWO #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger Round 3 @markoborn how can a practice successfully segment and target a specific market? #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger break down what they do. Veneers, Invisalign, Dentures, Implants all have different needs and wants #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger @markoborn what is the knock-on effect of targeting on your online marketing as a practice? #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger with careful targeting that identifies specific needs and wants, marketing generally becomes more effective #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger Ding Ding end of round THREE #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger Round 4 @markoborn do you turn patients away who don’t fit the particular profile you are targeting? #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger Part1: in short, yes! Marketing is about identifying who you don’t want to do business with as much as who you do! #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger Part 2: Remember that w/in segments thr R subsegments e.g. Yummy Mummies cn wnt whiter as well as straighter teeth #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger Part 3: so a yummy mummy that wants white teeth needs different marketing than one that wants straight teeth #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger Part 4: each round of marketing targets ONE segment or subsegment only #theapexshow

Kevin Rose Azimuthdental So do you think dentists should be deciding on selection criteria for patients? @markoborn #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @Azimuthdental not sure what you mean Kevin #theapexshow

Kevin Rose Azimuthdental @AzimuthDental @markoborn #theapexshow Sorry, I mean actually selecting what they are looking for in a pt in each market segment

Mark Oborn markoborn @Azimuthdental #theapexshow the ideal way to segment is to get inside the head of the patient and see things from their perspective..

Mark Oborn markoborn @Azimuthdental #theapexshow… then you can target THAT segment that is right for the patient, does that make sense

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger @markoborn i’d like to ask you some of the standby questions we prepared in this time #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger @markoborn how does this targeting translate to your web design? #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger images and words need to reflect the target market, this will be different for each page #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger round 5 @markoborn how soon and how do you measure if your targeting + tailored marketing is working? #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger Part 1: you must run analytics on each page, and monitor conversion rates from each page #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn@mkritzinger Part 2: contact forms on each page should have individual analytics so you can see which one is filled in #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn @mkritzinger Part 3: with analytics running you should monitor any changes you make to check conversion rates #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger GONG! That’s the end of this week’s show I hope you enjoyed it – please join us for the next one http://tiny.cc/schedule17 #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger For more info about @markoborn’s course visit http://markoborn.com/dental-marketing-courses.html #theapexshow

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger@markoborn thanks so much Mark, you’ve been a superb interactive guest thank you for pushing the boundaries with us! #theapexshow

Mark Oborn markoborn yes Richard better late than never, but I’m going for my tea now #theapexshow (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/aWdn)

Mark Oborn markoborn Goodnight everyone, see you all soon. Mark #theapexshow (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/aWdn)

Marita Kritzinger mkritzinger @AzimuthDental thanks for your feedback Kevin! #theapexshow

mkritzinger @markoborn thanks Mark! as always, you practice what you preach so kudos to you for showing us the power of the internet 2night #theapexshow

2nd #theApexShow Round 5 – Laura Horton

#theapexshow: @LauraHorton1 What is the ideal ‘workspace’ for a TCO to see new patients?

Laura Horton: I have been into practices that have different set ups.

If a practice contacts em and they do not have a consultation room the majority have a space that they can either convert into a consultation room. examples of this mainly are the practice office. Again some practices do not use a TCO full time until the role grows they may only use a TCO 1 -3 days a week. When you use the office it must be completely clutter free, it has to be a homely environment.

The same as when you use a spare treatment room. This is also what other practices are doing. This room must be cleared of clutter on the work tops, have nice music playing when the patient walks in. Some practices have then covered their dental chair with throws and cushions so patients do not see it as a clinical room – which is very good for nervous patients.

I have two practices that just do not have the room. What they have both done is to use a coffee shop across the road from their practices. They know the staff who work there which has two benefits: 1. they have private corner of the shop reserved for them 2. If the TCO was to see a male patient out of the practice they are safe.

The reason the last two practices use outside facilities is because they know that having the role of a TCO in the practice is good business sense. The patients really enjoy going to the coffee shop especially the nervous ones and it is a story they tell their friends about too!

2nd #theApexShow Round 4 – Laura Horton

#theapexshow: @LauraHorton1 Once trained, does a TCO need a refresher course at some stage?

Laura Horton: The two day programme is very intense yet teaches so many verbal skills to the team involved that they find the approach softer. Role play is such a huge part of the programme, repeating processes and verbal skills again and again until the TCO can say the right words but in a fashion that flows. The words I may use do not flow for everybody. I am always on hand for my TCO’s to contact me and ask me any advice they may need. However if I can go back to practice after the TCO has been working for a couple of months and to complete and observe and learn that is often beneficial!

2nd #theApexShow General Q&A 2 – Laura Horton

#theapexshow: @LauraHorton1 What is some of the feedback from the TCO you’ve trained?

Laura Horton: Becoming a TCO is a career move for a member of your dental team. To be given this responsibility, alongside having such a fun and varied role to perform creates job satisfaction in itself. Dentists are overworked and need to be spending less time doing non-clinical work. The forward thinking dentists (usually the principal) wants a TCO, which is why they contact me. The only challenge for the TCO arises if the other dentists have not been involved in the training and therefore they A. do not understand and know the depth of training the TCO has had and B. do not like to delegate and let go of anything. Communication is always the key with any change in a business and this is why I like the treatment coordinator implementation to become a team training event.

2nd #theApexShow Round 3 – Laura Horton

#theapexshow: @LauraHorton1 What selling tools does a TCO need, ie biz cards, brochure, laptop etc?

Laura Horton: Visual aids are important in a consultation. We need to be able to prove to our new patients exactly what we can achieve. Portfolios take time to create and if you do not have one already then sooner you start to create one the better. Tools such as Caesey and Medivision are great too, especially in treatment presentations when root canal treatments or fillings are needed.

2nd #theApexShow General Q&A 1 – Laura Horton

#theapexshow: @LauraHorton1 What should a TCO never do?

Laura Horton: Every time I go into a practice that is already embarking on using a TCO, or if I meet a TCO and ask them how they hold their consultation they are recommending treatment and talking clinically. This is not what the new patient consultation is about! It is about building a rapport and listening to the patient as well as validating the solutions that your practice has to offer. This is why training has to occur not only to ensure the first impressions are correct but that they hold a structured consultation that is a process!