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2nd #theApexShow Q&A 1 – Dr Alun Rees

@reesthecoach Kolbe offers many indexes, relationship index, etc tell us a bit about these #theapexshow

@mkritzinger: The A Index gives the instinctive method of operation (MO) & identifies the way an individual will be most productive.

Kolbe Y Index measures the instinctive abilities of young people from 8-17 or so.

Kolbe IF Index is for children from age 2 to 8, it is completed by their parents or observers and identifies the underlying patterns of a child’s activities.

Kolbe B Index measures an individual’s expectations of how they would behave in a current or prospective job.

Kolbe C Index is completed by the prospective manager or supervisor.

Kolbe R Index measures your expectations of another individual in a relationship, compare R with A Index provides insight into ways to improve the relationship.

Career MO+™ is a supplemental and identifies jobs & careers that fit your MO.

Financial MO+™ Identifies ways you can use your MO to make smarter decisions about money & finances.

#theApexShow Round 4 – Sylvie Sturrock

@sylviesturrock You are ALSO a practice manager at the Neem Tree – how does this help your coaching? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger There are numerous companies and people in the dental world that claim to be able to help with dental businesses – however they have none or very little experience of being in a practice environment – As a dental nurse, receptionist in practice I have been to most of the training providers sessions that are on the market over the last 25 years and they have great ideas, great at motivating on a day out, and then the team goes back to practice with new found enthusiasm and the nothing happens!!

They tell you what you need to do – but NOT HOW TO DO IT – theres no reason to do anything at all and time passes and people forget.

I know what its like to be a DN in a great systemised practice

I know what its like to share a passion and a need to care for patients

Ive got the clinical knowledge needed to understand all clinical points of view

I know how frustrating it is when nurses don’t show up

I know how to make patients feel special

I know how to create a fully functioning clinical environment for team and patients

I know how to build a great team and how to be part of that is the critical success of the business

With Samera clients I create a bespoke plan together with the leaders of the business whether it be GDPS, Partners, associates, clinical leads and PMs – we agree on a course of action.

We agree on the direction the practice needs to take – in an agreed timeframe and we ALL work at it together – I visit 1/12 min and keep a close eye on progress BUT also if I say you need to do a,b,c lets say then I must of tried and tested it at the neem tree so it becomes the “ideas factory”

Currently Im working with one practice that Im just doing a 1:1 session with every few months just with the Principal – Im coaching him on how to become a great leader.

I try and turn practices into real businesses and my success at the neem tree shows in the figures. A PM should bring into the business 10 x their own salary as a rule of thumb.

The other main benefit to clients or course participants is we can show them exactly what we have achieved – we can take them into the clinic and show them what it takes to build a practice.

The neem tree at Esher opened recently opened – in the last 6/52 of the build we ran a HANDS ON course – the only such course in existence – so the delegates got to see the gradual progression of the project first hand – they got to speak with the designers, project managers and ask the questions they wanted – it was a great success!!

#theApexShow Round 3 – Sylvie Sturrock

@sylviesturrock What does the diary of a practice management wizard look like? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger ALWAYS BUSY!!

I love the variety – I thrive on the busy busy! I don’t ever use the B word – Only boring people get bored!

#theApexShow Round Q&A2 – Dr Richard Charon

  • @RichardCharon Why do you train dentists and dental teams? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger If RA is being introduced as new service to the practice it is vital that all team members fully understand what it is, how it works, its excellent safety record and have seen it used with their own eyes so that they are in a position to explain and educate their patients from a position of knowledge and in depth understanding.

Why do I continue to train dentists? Because I receive testimonials like this from Dr Anne O’Donnell who travelled to Newbury with two dental nurses from Wexford in Ireland in 2006.

“…thank you for a superb day on Saturday. I have attended lots of courses but I would have to say that your course was one of the best because of your philosophy and approach to dentistry and patients. I would hope that I have a similar approach but unfortunately haven’t had the added benefit of Ra for the last 22 years but will have for the remainder of my career!!! As I said to you on Saturday you are a true ambassador for the profession and it would be nice if more of our profession emulated you”. There are many more testimonials here

@RichardCharon What is the main feedback you get from dentists once they begin to deliver RA to their patients? #theapexshow

Here is one reply from Dr. Peter Mounce

I am using RA and I have to say that it is a super addition to my practice and it has probably given me more professional fulfilment to help patients through treatment with RA , than even high end ( I aspire ) cosmetic work . It is such a useful tool to have and I agree with you that it is our duty to make provision of treatment as pleasant as possible for our patients.

#theApexShow Round Q&A1 – Dr Richard Charon

  • @RichardCharon Why do dentists come to you for RA training? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger My web 2.0 presence – facebook, Twitter etc. I am not paid by any company but I do have a good working relationship with my suppliers, RA Medical Services and they do pass on information about my courses to dentists who approach them.

#theApexShow Round 5 – Dr Richard Charon

  • @RichardCharon What equipment do you need to deliver RA? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger One of the biggest changes since I first began to use RA is the requirement for an active scavenging system, to vent all exhaled gases to the outside. There are several options for delivery heads including digital press button versions with a wipe clean surface or over which a peel of cover can be place.

#theApexShow Round 4 – Dr Richard Charon

  • @RichardCharon How do patients respond when given the option to have RA? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger The simplest answer is to look at one or two of the patients stories on-line.

#theApexShow Round 3 – Dr Richard Charon

  • @RichardCharon Can any dentist deliver RA? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger The DSTG (Dental Sedation Teachers Group) and SAAD were advocating 2 years ago, that all dentists that offer any kind of conscious sedation should have to pass a Standard Sedation Certificate. This SSC would prove competency. However those plans have been shelved due to lack of funding at present. It may or may not come about in future. As things stand there is an advisory level of experience, under supervision, which new graduates are expected to attain before going it alone BUT it is acknowledged that more experienced practitioners may not be required to do this. All the information is contained in the DoH paper Conscious Sedation in the Provision of Dental Care 2003 which I believe is due to be updated at the end of this year, In Scotland their own version was updated in 2006.

The bottom line at present is that a dentist has to satisfy themselves that they have received sufficient or appropriate training. That’s it. The requirement is 5 case assessments and 10 administrations, adults and children, mixed restorative and oral surgery (extractions). Finding supervision for the GDP can be difficult if no-one else in the practice is using RA. I am on the mentors list for both DSTG and SAAD and this can be arranged privately.

#theApexShow Round 2 – Dr Richard Charon

  • @RichardCharon What was your training in RA like? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger Requirements for CPD have changed greatly since then, just as they are now regarding requirements for competency. Still I had only recently completed GA training as an undergraduate and in my first practice in my first 6 months post- qualification, we did a GA session every week with a visiting anaesthetist. Now RA is very different from GA but I felt familiar with unconscious and recovering patients. So the move to RA was both reassuringly safer and did not require an anaesthetist.