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#theApexShow – BDPMA Round 8

@BDPMA what are some of the upcoming BDPMA activities? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger Our run of seminars finishes in London on the 19th November; Sheila Scott will talk about great people management and then Alexander Hall on negotiating contracts and buying/selling practices – a really full informative day. Our November e-update is already being compiled, as is our next edition of Practice Focus. We’ve also got some great deals on CQC guidance, FAQs for CQC, and a brand new website with members’ area will be launched very soon. And that’s all before the end of the year! #theapexshow

#theApexShow – BDPMA Round 7

@BDPMA Any career advice for anyone thinking of becoming a PM? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger I don’t know how managers with no experience of dentistry cope, dentistry is quite unlike any other professional practice, there is no one size fits all, and while a balance sheet and a strategic plan is the same for dentistry as it is for oil extraction, they are really worlds apart. If you want to be a PM then I believe that you need to understand how a dentist works, so however you learn that…. I married one but that’s probably a bit extreme! #theapexshow

#theApexShow – BDPMA Round 6

@BDPMA What are 3 things principals can misunderstand about the PM role? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger I think some principals can find it very hard to hand over responsibility for the running of their practice to someone else, that’s probably been why so many PMs have been spouses. But dentists need to remember that when it comes down to it, it will always be the actual wet-fingered dentistry that brings in the money, and if they’re not practising then they’re not generating income. The role of the Practice Manager is to enable the dentist, not emasculate them. It’s certainly been the case in the past that a lot of the responsibilities of management have been thrust upon whoever was available, without proper recognition of what they were expected to do and certainly without that person being adequately remunerated. As the role of the Practice Manager is more widely recognised within the team I think that those who are “promoted” are being much firmer about training, pay, etc. I think that principals are becoming more aware that in employing a professional practice manager they aren’t handing over total control of their practice but that they are sharing the burden with someone who is probably more capable of management . #theapexshow

#theApexShow – BDPMA Round 5

@BDPMA What are the most rewarding aspects of practice management? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger I love it when patients comment on how well-run the practice is, the little things that make such a difference to them not just the big things that we can be consumed by. We tend to be overwhelmed by CQC, HTM0105 and all the other procedures and bureaucracy we have to deal with – which are satisfying in their own way – but the most rewarding aspect is when your practice is praised and complimented. #theapexshow

#theApexShow – BDPMA Round 4

@BDPMA What do members gain from joining the BDMPA? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger As well as the things I’ve already mentioned, we have a monthly e-update which keeps all our members informed on the latest news, legislation etc. That’s in addition to our quarterly magazine “Practice Focus” which is a very practical publication. We also have regional activities which are a great way to meet other managers & receptionists in your area. #theapexshow

#theApexShow – BDPMA Round 3

@BDPMA How does the BDPMA advance/promote the role of the practice manager? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger We’re not just about the manager, we merged with the Receptionists’ Network last year, and we try to provide a framework for all non-clinical team members. A large number of PMs have worked their way up from reception duties and we provide detailed job descriptions and competences which helps show career advancement pathways. We also run seminars twice a year which provide training opportunities specifically targeted for our members. We also write extensively in the dental media on non-clinical issues and represent the non-clinical team on professional bodies such as the APPG and DCP advisory boards #theapexshow

#theApexShow – BDPMA Round 2

@BDPMA You are a practice manager & BDPMA chairman – how do you find time to do both? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger I am very lucky in that the other team members at the clinic are happy to cover for my absences. We also try to minimise face to face meetings within the association and use email and conference calls a great deal. It’s particularly important when we’re such a geographically diverse association, I am in Cornwall, my vice-chair is in Glasgow and we have team members at all points between. #theapexshow

#theApexShow – BDPMA Round 1

@BDPMA Amelia, for how long have you been involved in the BDPMA? #theapexshow

@mkritzinger I joined in 2000 when I became a Practice Manager, the association offered me the help, advice and the networking opportunities that you usually don’t have cloistered in a practice #theapexshow